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Everything You Need to Know to Stand Out from the Crowd

Maintain focus

Increase efficiency

Achieve balance

Are you ready to jump-start your company?

Fulcrum Shift™ offers small business coaching and business consulting to entrepreneurs just like you.

We recognize that people are multifaceted. They wear many hats and have competing obligations, but they also have big dreams. Maybe you're a busy mom or dad with a side gig, an enterprising student with a groundbreaking idea, a career-minded 9-5 worker with dreams of making it on your own terms, or maybe you're in the prime of your life and ready to start a whole new chapter. Fulcrum Shift™ will meet you wherever you are on your journey.


We're here to provide you with the tools for success: strategic planning that works, attainable objectives, experienced instruction, and practical resources; everything you need to stand out from the crowd.


Running a small business and having a life are often at odds. We know your time is important and limited, so we'll teach you how to maintain focus, increase efficiency, and achieve balance.

But is it possible to have a life and run a successful business? Absolutely!


But you need to stay motivated, focused, and be willing to adapt. These attributes will give you the edge that you need to remain competitive and relevant.


As a solopreneur or small business owner, you'll face many challenges, both personal and professional. But, with expert support, advice, and coaching, your business can survive and thrive.

The right business strategy and business consulting services will help change the way you think and work. Together we'll redesign your business and find best practices for your company that will take you from random and disorganized to strategic and efficient.


"Rhonda helped us visualize and prioritize our goals. She is engaging, organized, easy to work with, and knowledgeable about entrepreneurship. With her direction, we saw our company through fresh lenses, and we were better able to identify our weaknesses as well as our strengths. Rhonda, most importantly, kept us focused. Her strategies and plans, regular meetings and follow-ups, and inspired ideas ensured we never lost sight of our ultimate goals. With her guidance and support, our company excelled". 

Sophia M
Owner, Roots to Curls.

"Rhonda is a go-getter! With her remarkable strategic approach, she always gets fast results for her clients. I had a great time working with her and I strongly recommend her consulting services".

Abel Maxwell
Best-selling Author & Artist.

"Working with Fulcrum Shift has been a great experience. As a result of working with them, I've seen an almost 40% growth in followers on my Instagram account. Which was one of my goals. Rhonda took the time to understand what I needed help with and asked me very thoughtful questions to learn more about my brand, target audience and objectives. Then, after each check-in, she gave me clear action items to implement and measure before our next chat. Rhonda knows what she's doing. When you invest your in Fulcrum Shift, you're ultimately investing in yourself".

Bridget A
Owner, The Dating Doula.

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